1. We live in the cycle of our life.  Fall is the season of slowing down and being introspective. Looking at oneself and going within oneself to see the beauty around us and within us. 

    May we see the change of the season within ourselves and take time to see that transformation in another being.  May we give each other the space and freedom to be kind and gentle during this period of change.

     May we take time to be mindful that Fall is a time to slow down.  May we take the time to see the blessings of the fall within ourself.  

    May we take that opportunity to be mindful that we are  on this journey called life together. We are on a shared journey.  We are on a journey, a journey of interconnection and discovery

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  2. Breathe~~~~~ Within each being I breathe the essence of the divine,  that essence of me that comes together to call us one !  We are all connected.  Within our divinity we are perfect creation of beauty, balance and grace.  You have unimaginable power, knowledge beyond comprehension, and wisdom of the ages.  Take time to enjoy the journey.  The journey of your life and all places, folks and adventures in takes you on.  Embrace your journey it’s yours!  The possibilities are endless!

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  3. The practice of nurturing  starts with nurturing the body.  When we take the time to Be mindful of eating and present to the practice of preparing.   We learn the skill of nurture ourselves to holiness through the practice of food.

      Bring a place of centered mindfulness, of connection to where you are, to the practice of what is at hand.  Bring attention to the flow of the simplicity of where and what nurturing looks like. Prepare for the feast of your life, for this is the moment of your life.  The moment is only now, forever is this moment.  Create your feast, share the love of being present and of preparing the way.

    Noticing the surrounds.  See the beauty of the food, of the area in which you are eating.  Take a moment of thankfulness for this moment in time. 

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  4. The path to ones life may be one way.  You may take a journey in one direction, thinking this is the journey that will lead you to where YOU will reach your dreams.  As you travel this journey the universe speaks to you about the possibilities of choice. 

    The possibilities of new adventures of seeing, being and living.  What surprises will embark on your journey?  What will be your choice be in becoming, all you can become in this place called your life.  

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  5. The freedom of the simplicity, of beauty surrounds us.  The simply concept of a creature, so magnificent that her shining beauty leaves us speechless .  Her beauty shines simply by being who she is.

    You are that beautiful creature, beautiful simply by being who you are. 

    By simply being a human being. By loving, transforming and just living.  No need to be something other than yourself.

     Just be YOU.

    I see your beauty transforming the world. Your a gift.  You are a beautiful being, try on the gift of being you without fitting a mold, fit into the essence of yourself.

  6. Life is a journey that is filled of dangers, excitement and adventures.  Life requires that we go into it with a certain amount of trust, of acceptance and freedom. 

    When we allow ourselves the freedom to be who we truly are meant to be, we can  soar to places we never thought possible.

    Take flight in the possibilities.  Take a journey in the adventure of your life.  Make each day an adventure of I get to.

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  7. Step into the vulnerability of your nakedness.  Embrace the journey of newness, of possibility.  Step into the unknown. 

    Embrace the wholeness of the universal place, you live within yourself.  

    Hold unto the innocence of you, the power of being human with all your realness surrounding you. 

    You are a beautiful being.  Enjoy your journey, enjoy your beautiful vase, we call  the human body.  Filled with the many flowers of life: excitement, joy, pain, sadness happiness, fear to name a few. 

    Step into the waters that nurture and transform you.  Be a shape shifter and shift your ways of being that no longer service you, into ways that EMPOWER you.

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  8. We start out living a life.

    That life we are living can be altered, changed and transformed. 

    As we journey to the place where the life we are living and the life we are dreaming of, something wonderful happens …… the life we never imaged becomes a life we treasure.  

    Enjoy the adventure. It’s ours to create as we will. 

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  9. Make a wish.  Wishes travel with the wind, creating opportunities to bloom.  Let the wind carry you away into the beauty  of your wish, the magic of your dreams, hope of the new and the adventure of a journey untaken.   You are a magical being cherish your power; to make it real!

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  10. Awaken to this new moment.  Greet the day with a sense of wonderment and adventure.  This is your journey of a life time…… your lifetime!  Enjoy the day,the moment, seize the day ….. it’s filled with many opportunities, and exciting adventures.  Explore the possibles!

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